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friends only


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hi this is kchai@tumblr. i added you! :)

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Hi, it's me :) I added you, is that okay?

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yo! smile-maker@tumblr :3 adding you~

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add me?

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hey, i'm heartoftokyo@tumblr, I following you :) add me?

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thanks ♥

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Konnichiwa~!I thought I'd comment if I wanted to be added as a friend!So yeah..hello NEWS fan! *waves waves*

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Hi there! I was hoping to be added to your friends list because I really want to read the Koyama/Shige fic that you have posted....I LOVE the I hope to be added! Thanks!

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i want someone to tell me why we're not besties yet.
lmao it's osakan from tumblr, being a total and complete creep and clicking yer links...

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hi ne~
sorry i was added u and i don't see this post before
it's been a long time when i'm add u ...sorry ne for bothering u
add me ...^^

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can i be ur friends?
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HEYYYOOOO. From the je friending meme? :D :D I added you~

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so even though i'm probably not going to use this thing at all, i wanted to give you a heads up that i'm going to be adding you over here as well. its ~tegomassu from lj! cutetier from tumblr, all those good things. o/

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*waves* Hiya! It's Katie from Hufflepuff! Based on our little ongoing conversation over there on your intro post at our common room...I would like to ask if I can add you as a friend. :D You seem like an interesting person, plus your an Eito fan, and you think that nino, nagase and okada are good actors within JE. :D

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sup~ added you. commenting here because i am too lazy to go back through all 1000+ comments on that meme OTL also, followed both tumblrs ^^

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Hi~ An add would be really nice. :3 I read one of your fics on Dream Width and kind of died/fell in love.